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About me

Srod Almenara

I describe myself as an ambitious person that always is learning something new every day of my life, I’ve been known for playing guitar on YouTube and became popular for making covers even though I always was an original music composer, that's the reason why even on my covers you can hear my own style and arrangements.

But someday I realized that I had another passion besides making music, it was the photography and everything that the camera is involved, as a DIY-guy, besides mixing and recording my own music I also learned to shoot videos and take pictures of my own music projects, due to those new skills, bands and solo artists started to hire me in order to record their music and shoot their music videos, even to take the promotional photographies.

After moving from Venezuela to Panama due to the devastated dictatorship in my homeland, I started to work in the business of the food while I was trying to keep making videos for YouTube and many of you may know that being an immigrant (legal but immigrant) is not easy even when you are an artist endorsed by important brands in the music business like Marshall Amps, ESP Guitars and others. While music wasn’t paying all the bills (only a few) I started to offer my services as a videographer, photographer, web and graphic designer, accordingly I built my own agency with my wife called Almenara Media and this is the reason why I stopped to make videos more often on YouTube, after 2 years of hard work and dedication we got a good list of clients but more than a job this became my passion along with the music, of course, I’m still looking for the balance between these arts but this is in progress.

Currently, I am an ambassador of the best company of gimbals for cameras Zhiyun-Tech and also ambassador of Positive Grid the best guitar amp and FX processor plugin and app of the world, something I am very proud of, you know, being endorsed by brands of two different niches, I really feel that I am creating something new, showing that you can have different passions and having success in both.

The rest of the day when I’m not shooting with my cameras, editing or playing music I am playing videos games, I even started a gaming channel for fun but it is really time-consuming so I just play video games.