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I am Srod Almenara


I am just a guitarist who is known for playing guitar on YouTube and became popular for making covers even though I always was a composer before that, that's the reason why even on my covers you can hear my own style and arrangements :).

I love music, video making process, photography, video games and guitars when you watch my videos or follow me on social networks you will notice how true is this ;) Come on guys, follow me on my social networks, the links are below.
Thank you all.



Positive Grid just released the new BIAS AMP 2 with lots of new features, including a huge selection of Celestion speakers IRs, dual mic setup, a lot of improvements, redesigned amp packs, built-in reverbs, new amp match and more. This is my first test, this is my review after a month using it.


Atlas Universe (EP 2017)

by Srod Almenara

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